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    Graham Czach's debut album, 'Lucid,' a personal statement
    By Andy Downing, special to the Tribune
    Link to Chicago Tribune article

    “The album swings between polar extremes, morphing from guitar-heavy, prog-rock jams like "Hurry Up and Wait" into more tender fare like "True Love," a Paul McCartney-esque ballad bathed in lush strings.”

    - Andy Downing, Chicago Tribune

    “Lucid is Graham Czach’s solo debut CD and is a bold, wide-reaching project…”
    “The music shows he’s listened well to his influences and included sufficient references to them all — including Hendrix’s wah-wah pedal. Several songs include a lush feeling provided by strings and the overall production quality is right up there.”


    “[Graham is] an incredibly skilled musician, but is also sensitive to how a gripping melody can be just as effective as an impressive guitar solo. The music is thoughtfully arranged without sacrificing or diminishing the emotion that motivates the notes to pour out of each instrument.

    - Mixtape Muse

    “…give this a shot. The classical composition is evident on the awesome "Abide" and the string filled "True Love." Fans of baroque pop and Eric Matthews will flip over this artist.”

    “A breath of fresh air from a world of fame-hungry artists, Graham Czach will definitely leave the impact he hopes to leave on our society.”

    -Meghan Messana, Broken Records Magazine

    “Connecting the past with the future, Graham Czach is a creative force that sweeps you away on a 'Lucid' journey of hard-core originality and strong message. It's a wild ride!”

    - Lisa Smith, Big Blend Magazine

    “An accomplished musician, composer, upright/electric bassist, vocalist and guitarist, he surrounds himself on his debut album with a truly killer line-up including Kris Myers on drums (Umphrey's McGee), Matt Nelson on keys (Lupe Fiasco, Matthew Santos), and Chris Siebold on guitar (Howard Levy, Kick The Cat).”

    - The

    “…Lucid is an album you should take a chance on.”

    - Bruce Von Stiers,

    “Graham Czach is all about making a difference ...he's hoping to open eyes and minds, the only way he knows how - through music and by supporting non-profits, such as Greenpeace, Planned Parenthood, the American Cancer Society and the Art of Living Foundation.”

    -Kaylia Cornett, The Eastern Progress

    “From the start to finish, Graham takes us in his fascinating musical journey…His work is impressive and creative…Graham delivers us an amazing album that deserves a listen.”

    “After digging a little deeper into Czach’s debut, Lucid, I must give praise to his extensive use of classical instrumentation and his fervent voicing of pain, enlightenment, controversy, and benevolent behavior. His range of style is also worth noting.”
    -Painting The Silence (

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