Kickstarter Launch – New EP!

New EP on KICKSTARTER (Back This Project) w/ Songs Co-Produced by the Producers/Engineers of the Smashing Pumpkins, Fall Out Boy, Lupe Fiasco! Come Aboard!

Welcome Aboard! Since I released my debut album, 'Lucid', in late 2010, I've received so much love and support for my original music and the messages within, that I'm now determined to realize my ultimate dreams. This has paved the way for this new follow up EP I'm in the process of recording. The real goal is to inspire and make people feel alive. Come aboard, let's change the world together and make a difference through music! What a ride! So many great things have happened over the last few years! I would like to share a brief snapshot with you. I've been nominated and won multipleChicago Music Awards, was featured on WGN Morning News and WXRT 93.1fm Chicago, made it to the Celebrity Judge round on America's Got Talent, had the opportunity to perform for Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins) which led to working with Producer/Engineer Bjorn Thorsrud (Smashing Pumpkins, Zwan, Dandy Warhols and more!), peaked interest and met with several Record Labels including Majors, solidified Endorsements with D'Addario, US Music Corp. (Eden Amps), andLewitt Audio who fully support my artistry and musical vision, my YouTube videos have 1,000's of views and my channel broke 100,000 views recently, interviewed and got rave reviews from media outlets such as the Chicago Tribune and the Sun-Times, performed and recorded alongside Grammy Award Winning Artists, toured around the world with several bands, and now have an amazing team of people put together to create this EP!
Thanks to everyone who made all this possible by buying my music, coming to shows, and sharing it with friends and family! Without all of you, I never would have been able to express myself through my art and realize my dream that is now our collective dream! Namaste. All is one.
Now it's time, with your help, to finish producing, recording, and mixing my follow up EP release! I've been writing and recording new songs for the past 3+ years and have grown so much as a songwriter and musician in that time. I compiled the best 25-30 songs to sift through in order to find just the right 5-7 songs that are the best, to give you the best of the best! It's not about quantity it's about quality, just like a classic Led Zeppelin or Beatles record on vinyl, which could only hold 6-9 songs. It's time to cut out the fat and focus on making great songs. One of the songs on the new EP was Produced with Bjorn Thorsrud (Smashing Pumpkins). The rest of the songs are going to be Produced, Recorded, and Mixed by the awesome Producer/Engineer team of Manny Sanchez (PSY, Fall Out Boy, Umphrey's McGee) and Greg Magers (Lupe Fiasco, Robert Glasper)! I'm extremely excited to record at the new IV Lab Studios in Chicago. Everything coming out of there sounds amazing and this EP will be nothing short of that, I promise. We also have world-class professional musicians recording on this and the best equipment so we can bring you "that sound", something by which you can recognize instantly and hits you right in the heart, flooding you with emotion. The EP will then be taken out to one of the best studios and consoles in LA to be mixed. Watch my Kickstarter video above to hear a preview of some of the pre-produced demos of the songs that will be on the EP! This whole process, as you may or may not know, is extremely expensive. Your favorite records and the songs you hear on the radio take hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce, record, mix, master, and release. Some record labels will spend millions of dollars just to release a song, let alone, an entire album. I want to do this EP independently and my goal just to finish producing, recording, and mixing is $15,000. The EP will be released in late May/early June, if we can raise this money together. I'm putting all my heart and soul into this and am confident we can make this happen! "In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure." - Bill Cosby Rewards! The different reward levels are listed on the right when you contribute and become a backer. I've come up with some great packages and creative rewards that I hope you will enjoy and take advantage of. I'm looking forward to fulfilling these rewards and getting to know all of you! Thank you for believing in me! What if We Raise More Than the Goal? The goal of $15,000 is barely enough to get this EP produced, recorded, and mixed. The process does not end there. It still needs to be mastered, printed, duplicated, and packaged which includes artwork and designing. Then there is the cost of promotion and marketing upon the release and any radio campaigns, touring, and PR costs. It's kind of overwhelming to say the least! All additional funds received above and beyond the goal will be used to fund the costs to do all the things listed above from the mastering stage on. We'll need to raise more than our goal to have the greatest effect! Hopefully you can help make it possible! About the EP All the songs on this EP are written by me, and I have a strong personal connection to them because I wrote them from my own personal experiences in life. I think the best songs are written from real life experiences where you can really feel the depth in the whirlwind of different human emotions in those moments. These songs reflect an epic ride of different things that we all go through in life from love to loss and everything around and in between. It's a good collection of universal messages that I think will touch you in some way, whether it helps you through hard times, inspires you and/or changes your life for the better.
Let's Do This Together! I feel amazingly fortunate and humbly appreciate the ability to make a living making music and doing what I love. I'm keeping the musical integrity true to this music by doing this independently and not with a record label. I believe in hope and a brighter future for this world and for everyone in it, where we can come together in a higher consciousness level and break the barriers of race, hatred, disease, poverty, money, and the list goes on! We are bombarded everyday with propaganda on the news. All you hear about is one tragedy after another. This is your only lifetime, so far as we know, and you have one chance to make a difference and create a lasting impact on the world. What can you take to your grave? Nothing but what you left behind for the world to live on. This is why I'm a musician and it's my #1! Because I know this is what I was meant to do from the time I was born. I was meant to help and heal people through music and leave behind the music I create to continue on into eternity after I've left this world, whether it calms someone down or motivates someone to take charge, and help someone else or themselves. This is my goal with this music that I'm creating and releasing. Please help me achieve this goal together and make the world a better place! "The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return." - eden ahbez

There are a ton of obstacles and things that can delay the release of a recording. It takes a lot of time, energy, and creativity, not to mention, commitment and determination to finish a project and see it through to its release. There are only so many hours in a day. I want you to know that all the songs have been written and the exact songs on this EP have been chosen. They are for the most part all pre-produced and ready to take into the studio to do the final recordings with the musicians. We already have Basic Tracking dates and other recording dates scheduled. The train is already at full steam ahead, so to speak, and failure is not an option. I will make sure that this EP gets finished and released, so I can share it with all of you! I promise to fulfill all of the rewards in the most timely fashion I can and will be persistent in making sure there is good communication and satisfaction guaranteed for every single backer, even if there are setbacks. That is my oath to you! I've never given up! I used to say when I was just a little boy, "Whatever the job is, I will get it done!" That is absolutely true! It will definitely be a challenge and will be stressful, but I live for this and always welcome a good challenge! I have an amazing team put together for this record. Acknowledgment and thanks go to these incredible team members that will do this work with me to see this through to the end - Manny Sanchez, Greg Magers, Jonathan Marks, Dylan Jones, Matt Nelson, Brenda Robinson, Bjorn Thorsrud, Kathy and Jeff Czach, Ally Holt, and the people we pick up along the way! Let's get this funded and make this music a reality that can be shared! You hold my dream in the palm of your hand and if you make it come true, I will not let you down! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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