Versatile Chicago based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, GRAHAM CZACH, fuses modern and progressive rock sensibilities with pop like hooks and social conscious message driven music. The Chicago Music Award Winner’s debut album ‘Lucid’ features: Kris Myers (Umphrey’s McGee) - drums, Matt Nelson (Lupe Fiasco) - keys, and Chris Siebold (Howard Levy) - guitars —plus brilliant artwork by album artist Jeff Jordan (The Mars Volta). The follow up 'Star by Star' EP with songs Co-Produced by Bjorn Thorsrud (Smashing Pumpkins), Manny Sanchez (Fall Out Boy), and Greg Magers (Lupe Fiasco) has already garnered critical acclaim before it's official release and has been featured on 93XRT Chicago radio. The seven song EP was funded successfully through Kickstarter raising almost $16,000.

Within the last few years since celebrating the release of his independent debut album ‘Lucid’, Graham Czach has toured the United States extensively as well as other parts of the world. He has also been a big part of The Windy City music scene for a number of years playing bass with Hey Champ, Chicago Afrobeat Project, the Chicago Diamond Trio, and many other bands. Graham received a nomination for "Best Rock Entertainer" for the 2013 Chicago Music Awards and his originality/versatility as both a musician and composer have earned him endorsements from two internationally recognized music companies—D’Addario Strings and Eden Electronics/US Music Corp. Czach has also performed with the best in music including GRAMMY Award winners Paul Wertico, Howard Levy, and many others. He recorded double bass on GRAMMY winner Lupe Fiasco’s album L.A.S.E.R.S.

If one was asked to characterize this music, this is what they would say you're in for. Take Classic/Psychadelic rock (The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, CSNY, Pink Floyd) fused with early 90's Grunge and rock with social and political messages (Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Tool, RATM) mixed with modern Singer-Songwriter types (Jeff Buckley) and top it off with some dark Melodic Modern Progressive Experimental Rock (Radiohead, Muse).

“Graham Czach is already a music lifer…The album swings between polar extremes, morphing from guitar-heavy, prog-rock jams like "Hurry Up and Wait" into more tender fare like "True Love," a Paul McCartney-esque ballad bathed in lush strings.” -Andy Downing, Chicago Tribune

"...any guy who can sound like both Thom Yorke and David Gilmour is one vocally versatile dude...I can hear a lot of Muse and Radiohead." -Peter's Power Pop (AUS)

"This is one of the best new voices in music." -Evigshed Magazine

"Graham is a talented bassist & multi instrumentalist. He is loved & respected by his fans & fellow musicians, alike. We’ve very proud to have him as a member of our artist family.” -Hugh Gilmartin (D'Addario)

"Graham Czach has placed himself on the map as a musical force to be reckoned with and one of the best new artists out there with his debut album 'Lucid'. As a performer and composer with numerous bands and projects, Graham shows unbelievable musicality that will propel him straight to the top. We here at US Music Corp. are proud to have such an artist in our family." -John Vitale (US Music Corp., Eden Amps)

“A breath of fresh air from a world of fame-hungry artists, Graham Czach will definitely leave the impact he hopes to leave on our society.” -Meghan Messana, Broken Records Magazine

'STAR BY STAR' EP features:

Graham Czach - Vocals, Basses, Guitars, Keys

Dylan Jones - Guitars (Gallant)

Matt Nelson - Keys (Lupe Fiasco)

Jonathan Marks - Drums (Monakr)

'LUCID' features:

Graham Czach - Vocals, Basses, Guitars, Percussion

Chris Siebold - Guitars (Howard Levy, Kick the Cat)

Matt Nelson - Keys (Lupe Fiasco)

Kris Myers - Drums (Umphrey's McGee)


Animosity (Wars Hell) – 1991

Skalawags (By Accident) – 1995

Father Thyme (Sir Alias EP) – 1998

IWU Phi Mu Alpha (A Musician’s Christmas vol. I) – 1998

Father Thyme (Live @ Lizard Lounge) – 1999

IWU Phi Mu Alpha (A Musician’s Christmas vol. II) – 2000

IWU Jazz Ensemble (2001:A Jazz Odyssey) – 2001

Blue Logic (EP) – 2001

Felix Jones (Pop Filter) – 2002

Native Fiction (First Case Scenario) – 2004

Native Fiction (Dissolve the Dark King EP) – 2005

Let Me Introduce You To The End (A Love of the Sea) – 2006

Aaron Koppel Quartet (the Wild Call of the Multi-Tasker) – 2007

Chicago Afrobeat Project ((A) Move To Silent Unrest) – 2007

Shawn Maxwell Quartet (Originals II) - 2008

GMG (GMG) - 2008

Chicago Afrobeat Project (Off the Grid EP) - 2008

Aaron Koppel Quartet (Falling Together, Falling Apart) - 2009

Graham Czach (Lucid) - 2010

Matt Nelson Trio (Nostalgiamaniac) - 2011

Aaron Koppel (Multiverse) - 2012

Chicago Afrobeat Project (Nyash Up) - 2013

Hey Champ ("Cliche", "Celebrate") - 2014

Graham Czach (Star by Star EP) - 2015

Jason Miller (Mason Jiller) - 2016

Classical Blast (Dark Side of the Yule) - 2016

Modern Rock Artist